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5 years ago / travel / australia / perth

Of hipster pizzas and our socially unacceptable behavior in Perth.

Starting the Perth diaries!

Okay so I've decided to start on the Western Australia travelogues while 'em memories are still fresh before I get swamped with my upcoming Thailand travels - closing this year with Bangkok (for work obviously), Northern Thailand (Chiangmai, Chiangrai, Pai and the likes) and Krabi.... then lo and behold, it's gonna be 2016 :scream: :scream: :scream:

Anyway, Perth was not what I had expected / completely unlike what everybody had told me. Firstly, it was cold. Like very very very VERY cold. And it certainly wasn't as boring as what everybody had said it was with "nothing to do".

In fact we ended up at Northbridge one evening to my amazement that 1) there was frickin' a hell lot of eateries opened at gasp 930pm!! and 2) all these young girls were dressed in skimpy boob tubes + mini skirts while I was layered in my dress + cardi + winter coat :smirk:

And them Australian sunsets? Sigh. There wasn't a day that I wasn't captivated.

Like how could any random shot on the iPhone turn out looking this good?

This was at the airport while waiting for Cheryl to drive our car over :ok_woman:


Checked in, freshened up and heading out for dinnerrrrrrr.

(I really like this photo of me actually. Just that the lighting and resolution ain't good enough to make it to Instagram. First world problems...)

Dinner at Theo & Co. Pizzeria!

The good thing about traveling with younger kids hahaha is that they will automatically pick - and I quote - the "cool places" with "hip decor" to "take nice photos for Instagram".

:joy: :joy: :joy:

And I agree. I like the space, relaxed atmosphere and the use of industrial lights; the menu was extensive and portions were good (huge actually, by my standards.) I'm not going to do a proper food review kinda post for this cause I'm actually back to low-carbing so I was feeling kinda guilty BUT I gotta admit that for the two slices of pizza I had - they were good. Really good. I was really happy!

Actually three slices fml. I totally forgot about their amazing dessert selection... this was totally worth sinning for!

And in true What I Instagrammed vs. What Really Happened fashion,

behind all our carefully curated Instagram photos lies socially unaccepted behavior of us standing on benches... as captured by Jayve fml.

The conver between me and Cheryl went like "Eh must put fork here!" / "Put knife here put knife there" / "Need to put napkin lah!!!" / "Noooo... eh actually don't put napkin better."

So Auntie I absolutely kennot wtf.



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Photos by me and Carrie.