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This Boy

3 years ago / being mommy

What have I done, to deserve this?

Being a mom, at least for me, is a very strange thing.

When he's up and awake, I count down the seconds till he goes to bed but always, ALWAYS, after barely one minute into his sleep, I start to wish that I had spent more time with him in the day. That I had read to him his favourite Maisy Makes Lemonade for the 156th time, that I had carried him to the balcony again so he can admire the twinkling lights in the distance (city lights lover here like his mama) and that I had spent less time in the office and more at home to sneak in another cuddle and another kiss.

The past week has been rather rough - I have been battling a cold and low-grade fever (no thanks to inconsiderate people who go to shopping malls and cough and sneeze EVERYWHERE wtf), work has been super intense because of a few major retainers we managed to sign on (OMG SO EXCITING THO) and the last two days have been quite shitty.

It certainly didn't help that the hubs has been rather busy himself and in fact, as I write this at 2:25am, he still isn't back.

So anyway, earlier this evening, at 5pm, as the hubs was heading out for a work event, I looked at Kai and told him, "It's just you and me, Buddy. You and me."

At 530pm, when I was feeling all fifty shades of exhaustion, I whispered,

"Do you think you can sleep earlier tonight? Mommy's really very tired."

My boss baby, being boss in OETEO

I then put him into his jammies, totally expecting him to resist.

But he didn't.

I sat down in our armchair, half expecting him to protest, but again he didn't. He just willingly (and happily, I must add) let me nurse him and he promptly fell asleep at 5:50pm.


It's now 2:59am and he's STILL asleep.

:sob: :sob: :sob:

Maybe it's just me being lucky (thank YOU universe for helping me out), but whatever it is, sometimes I can't help but feel that this boy is a lot wiser than his 6 months of age.

And it's moments like these that I wonder, what exactly did I do, to deserve such a sweet blessing.