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This is how we roll

7 years ago / married life / personal

Latest update in our marriage.


We have been spending a lot of time brewing our own beer lately. I gave up Saturday night drinks with the girls to look at refrigerators and spend my Sundays at wet markets shopping for yeast wtf.

There’re of course much easier ways to do this homebrewing thing but the boy’s been quite insistent on going all out with the DIY.

I quote, “If you want to cook pasta, you can choose to make your own tomato puree, chop your own garlic etc etc or you can use canned pasta sauce but that wouldn’t be real cooking!”


So we opened up a bottle yesterday - not much head cause it’s only three days old - and because I’m not good with all that beer lingo, I can only describe it as better than Tiger lol. The boy says it’s very light but with a citrus-y hop taste!

Can’t wait to try the next batch a few days later!

And much to the mother-in-law’s relief, it didn’t come out as poison.