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Times Square

4 years ago / travel / dress up / new york / usa

Hey there Delilah, What's it like in New York City?

(Wearing jacket from Cotton On, dress from Forever 21, Shoes from Zara)

Hey there, Delilah // What's it like in New York City? // I'm a thousand miles away // But girl, tonight you look so pretty // Yes you do // Times Square can't shine as bright as you // I swear it's true

Sorry couldn't help it.

Resuming the New York diaries because I've been obsessed with Suits S7. Yes, I know it's filmed in Toronto BUT the sights of Manhattan are REAL and it really makes me miss the Big Apple. My only qualm about the show is that Gabriel Macht aka Harvey Specter doesn't seem to be ageing too well.

Anyway, back to Times Square.

There's really nothing quite like seeing Broadway and the Red Steps come to life before your very eyes. Which to me, is the very essence of New York - except maybe the New Year's Eve ball drop which is definitely on my bucket list too!

If you're headed to NYC soon, here are some tips about Times Square you might want to know:

  • Head there around 5pm. That will give you an hour or two to savour the place during daylight, at sunset and when the neon lights come on.

  • Be prepared to brave throngs and throngs of people as well as Asian tour groups (no prizes for guessing from which East Asian country...) who will be in EVERY shot of yours. I was actually very peeved at being unable to get "a decent shot" but now in retrospect, I must admit these pictures turned out pretty fine. Don't know what was I complaining about lol.

  • Beware of the mascots who will grab you, hug you, jump into frame when you're taking a picture or volunteer to take pictures for you - unless you're willing to part with some $10 or $20 to "thank" them and "because it's a cold day".

  • You must also have dinner at Dallas BBQ which has THE MOST AWESOME BABY BACK RIBS! The hot wings were good too!

And lastly, for those who asked how did I survive the winter cold...

Truth is, I didn't.

But hey, everything for the 'gram right?