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My tips for long hair

4 years ago / hair

Yes, I know my hair's ridiculously long now!

One of the comments I often get these days is "Your hair is so long!" - I'm not sure if it's a compliment or not haha but I'm taking it as one. Contrary to what most people think, my hair's actually the easiest to maintain in YEARS - previously when it was shorter/ around my boobs, I often had to go for salon blowouts 2 to 3 times a week cause I couldn't style it myself and wearing it straight just looked so... bland. Also, I was looking through my photos from last year when I had light-ish almost blonde hair and I couldn't even recognise myself wtf.

Since going to Elein at Artistry Hair Professional for the past 10 months, I've stuck to dark hair and never looked back. Not only does it make my hair look healthier and less dry, I feel that it also brings out my features better.

I currently alternate between my favourite blue-black (which fades to a warm, chestnut shade) and I've recently tried a more ash-y tone that looks black indoors and yet light enough when under the sun - you can see the difference in my recent Japan pictures!

So anyway, now that my hair is at the longest it has ever been (it's already past my waist!), here are some tips I've picked up to maintaining it:

1) Don't wash your hair

Haha this is starting to sound gross but I try not to wash my hair everyday (yes, even in this tropical climate.) When I'm overseas, I wash it 2 times a week in winter but in Singapore, I wash it every other day. In fact, I plan my yoga sessions around my hair washing haha. But in general, if you're not out and about and getting all grossed out, I highly recommend you try washing it every other day so it doesn't dry out your hair and for the in-between days, you can clean it out with dry shampoo and dry conditioner. Some brands that work for me are Batiste (but this leaves some white residue so you gotta be careful) and Percy & Reed.

2) Don’t comb your hair when it’s wet

This is a definite no-no if you don't want breakages. Your hair is SUPER fragile when it's wet so what I do is to air-dry it until it's about 90% dry before I use my Tangle Teezer or wide-toothed comb to gently remove tangles (if any) and comb through.

3) Bedroom affairs

Bedtime is almost an entire section in itself!

  • To prevent split ends, opt for silk, satin or 600 thread count Egyptian cotton pillowcases so there will be less friction and hence tangles and breakages.

  • I've also found it useful to NOT wear your hair loose to bed so it'll survive the night of bad dreams, tossing, turning, weird noises and erm, drooling lol. I usually braid it or tie it into a loose loop using a scrunchie (they're hard to find but you can get them at those neighbourhood Sinma-ish shops lol) and wake up to hair chio enough to greet my McDelivery guy every morning lol.

  • Brush your hair before bedtime. This helps to improve blood circulation to the scalp so that it grows well when you are sleeping - apparently, our hair grows the most while we are sleeping!

4) Leave-in conditioner

I'll apply some leave-in conditioner/ serum/ dry conditioner/ Argan oil before I swim, head to the beach and also before hot yoga. Apparently, according to Doctor Google, the heat from hot yoga damages hair too so well, not taking chances here!

5) Treat it well

What I've also realised is that, no matter how well we care for our hair, constant exposure to daily elements is going to ruin it somehow. Unless you have time to grow your own coconuts and spend 5 hours every day treating it with coconut oil, it is still essential to head to the salon every 4 to 6 weeks to get it professionally treated. My swear-by treatment is the Japanese Mucoto Dyna Argan Oil treatment at Artistry that you can choose to have to it "set" your hair straight or in curls. I go for the straight feel and I like how it neatens my hair without that dated rebonded look and my hair is literally wash-and-go these days. I let it air-dry and that's it. I don't even use a hairdryer let alone any straighteners or heat-styling tools. I get my Mucoto treatment done every 4 months (it usually keeps my hair straight and neat throughout the entire period) and in between, I pamper my tresses with the treatments Elein recommends me according to my hair condition at that point in time. I also suffer from grey hair (ikr!!!) so I'll get my hair touched up then (love their ammonia-free hair dye!) as well.

Additionally, I trim my hair at every salon visit - I'll typically go for half inch or so. Since my hair grows faster than that, I don't actually see it getting shorter lol and even though you might feel like you don't want to cut any bit of your hair, regular trims actually makes it healthier. If you don't trim it, split ends could re-split and you'll end up having to cut away MORE later on. Also, I gotta mention how Elein's very dedicated with her snipping and definitely not the sort of nightmarish hairdresser who say they'll trim half inch and end up snipping off four inches of your hair wtf... trust me, I've been scarred FOR LIFE.

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