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Tokyo Photo Diary

Basically, eating through Tokyo!

Writing this cause I'm booking my annual mid-year holiday and I'm trying to decide between Japan or Australia next month. Australia cause I miss Woolies and winter and Japan, cause Japan.

Anyway, these are the pictures from my trip with Zach and Nui (and the hubs of course) and for those who asked, we covered Toyko - Kanazawa - Shirakawa-go - Gero - Nagoya in this order.

We stayed at an AirBnb this time round and this was the view from our apartment. The place we booked was on the outskirts of Shinjuku (but still near the subway) and was a two-bedroom apartment which was ideal for us. Mostly cause it came with a fully-functional (and well-stocked) kitchen when meant that we could have the boy whip up breakfast and supper for us daily lol. There was also a convenience store right downstairs and some mornings we just had eggs on rice with natto. Simple but satisfying.

The hubs be like, I thought we were done with all these photoshoot nonsense when we got married?!

Exploring Shinjuku...

And Tsukiji. Gonna miss this place when and if they finally move. I always get dried scallops from there, like aunty I know... but they go so well in soups and porridge.

Lunch at Sushi Zanmai cause we were too lazy to queue for Sushi Daiwa & Dai and to be honest, I find the quality of the Zanmai chain to be good (severe understatement) enough for my tastebuds. I'm no sushi connoisseur of course but almost anything in Japan, esp Tokyo, is already better than what I can get in Singapore at the same price point. By the way, Sushi Zanmai operates 24 hours so it's also where we get our supper fix sometimes!

Another place where we usually go for late night dinners is this seafood izakaya in Shinjuku - I love their oysters, both the fresh and grilled variants. Alcohol here is really affordable too. Be prepared to come out smelling like the newest BBQ scent in town though.

My favourite station in Tokyo (not that I'm been to all lah...) - Harajuku!

We usually walk from Harajuku to Shibuya... and eat non-stop along the way. This was the Chou Croquant from Zaku Zaku which comes filled with a delightful Hokkaido Cream. Save your calories for two or three of these and skip the soft serve from the same shop - the ice cream isn't bad, but you can get similar quality from many other places without the long queue.

Me and Nui <3

Luke's Lobster! Don't scrimp on this and just go for the US Lobster Roll. So so so good.

Commercial Break

So as I'm writing this post, I'm actually asking the boy for all the Google Maps locations for the eateries mentioned cause he's always the designated Food I/C. Division of labour yo - he does the research, I eat. Fair mah lol.


How you verify if the food's really good lol

Ok back to Shibuya.

This was also the period that the Internet was going crazy over the McDonald's chocolate fries...

And me being me, caved in to mofo-ness. Overrated lah, if you ask me.

Streets of Harajuku. This is still one of my favourite shots of all time.

Oh oh oh. When in Japan, you MUST try out other cuisines besides Japanese food cause they do it all so freaking well. We have tried Indian food, Mexican, Italian, Spanish and even Thai and their unique rendition is often just as good, if not better.

This was at El Torito which is a Mexican food chain and the must-order here is definitely the tableside guacamole... i.e. it is prepared fresh upon order right before your eyes.


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