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Toowoomba, Australia

5 years ago / travel / australia / toowoomba

Our small town Aussie adventure!

Continuing the Australia diaries!

Was sorting through the pictures when I realised they are mostly... pictures of food. So maybe the title of this post should have been Where to Eat in Toowoomba wtf.

The glorious sunset enroute to Toowoomba!

Ok, so after the weekend in Gold Coast, we headed to Toowoomba where we spent the next two weeks. Because the hubs was there for work, it's not exactly like a holiday - mostly like, he'll go to work in the day, I'll get my own work done while he's away and maybe walk to the nearby mall for lunch/ brunch. There were days that he could start work a little later (but that will also mean that he'd end late cause night flying) and we will head out for brekkie before he leaves me.

Then we'll order pizza when he's back (OMG I swear Domino's Singapore is an ULTIMATE con job) and watch some weird show on the telly rinse repeat lol.

Because the mall opposite our accommodation had The Coffee Club, it's where I usually get my breakfast alone then maybe walk around the place (though I somehow ALWAYS end up back at Woolies)... I didn't get any shopping done in Toowoomba tbh. Cause it's an insanely small town? Hello, they only have a population of 165,168... that's like how many people we have in Ang Mo Kio alone?

Anyway, Coffee Club hails from Brisbane so you can get it ANYWHERE in Australia and the food is generally consistently good.. btw I was recently in KL and Bali and spotted them (or maybe it's an imposter with the same logo) at the airports too so errr... I think I got too excited for nothing wtf.

Our go-to food places in Toowoomba:

  • Federal Hotel (go for the steak topped with bacon, avocado AND hollandaise sauce)

  • Fitzy's on Church (world best carbonara over hereeeee)

  • Grill'd (this is all over Australia actually... their "healthy" burgers are FREAKING awesome. Not sure how healthy but good food is good.)

Now you know why I came back to Singapore 2kg heavier :sob:

Their fries are like da bombbbbbb

But it's not that bad actually lah.. I mean I went to Bali for 4 days for the Cetaphil Experience and they fed us so well I came back 2kg heavier also. Like 4 days vs 2 weeks?!

Anyhow, this part is the story about how I met Stan.

Stan the man.

You see, most people after two weeks of burgers and pizza (and too much avocado) will start to crave their charkwaytiao and fried rice but for me... what I really, really, REALLY wanted was bubble tea.

Shut up, I know Brisbane has Gong Cha and trust me, 4 days in and I was almost prepared to take the car and make that 2 hour drive to Brissy for milk tea.

Have milk, will drive.

But luck will have it that in a small single-storey mall of Clifford Gardens, in an inconspicuous corner stood a bubble tea stall... that would forever change my life.

I ended up returning to the stall EVERY day for the next five days, until the shop owner (Stan) eventually asked me,


And like kindred spirits who found each other... (like you know how our forefathers finallyyyyy meet somebody from their 同乡 in 南洋) we eventually ended up becoming "friends" (we have each other on Facebook wtf) and even had time for a quick lunch.

So anyway, as slow as the city is, I actually LIKE the pace? This is not the first time we lived there for a while (... using this term loosely) and each time we are there, we always talk about working / living in Australia (and yes, we mean Toowoomba) for an extended period of time if possible.

Oh well, we'll see where life takes us... maybe he'll get a posting there. Maybe Stan thinks I'm the person to manage his bubble tea shops lol.

We'll see! Hahaha.

(In any case, if you're planning to make a trip to Brisbane or Gold Coast, I highly recommend you take 2 to 3 days to head to Toowoomba just to really enjoy the laidback life - Picnic Point is super pretty! - it's honestly quite a rejuvenating experience.)