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Topp Care - Fixed Price Hair and Scalp Treatments

4 years ago / hair

Hair and scalp care with plant extracts

Plane-spotting in LA

Now that I'm on the other side of 30 haha, I've started paying more attention to my skin (gotta work on the elasticity!), hair and general sense of style. I now use less makeup and have been keeping my hair black instead of the blonde-ish colours I used to go for. Generally, I try to focus on keeping things minimal and healthy - in fact, I don't even accessorise much these days and prefer to let my hair be my statement accessory of sorts.

With age, hair fall and greying hair is inevitable (especially with my hair length) and while I don't have a problem with ageing, I DO want to grow old gracefully and having little (or no :scream:) hair is a huge no-no.

Especially since I have been travelling so much these days across different climates (I'm now in Japan which means I've effectively gone through 3 different time zones in a month!)... my hair has gotten quite dry and brittle most likely from the cold weather plus the constant switch between tropical and temperate climate has led to much stress for my skin and scalp. I feel that my scalp has gotten much oilier... not to mention the long hours on the flights which means no washing of hair - I dread to imagine all the grime accumulated and how it clogs up my scalp!

I recently paid a visit to Topp Care Hair Solutions who focus on fixed-price (I'll come to this in a bit) hair and scalp treatments.

Newly-opened at Tampines St 21, Topp Care uses high quality plant extracts in all their treatments.

They have 3 types of scalp treatments as well as treatment for damaged/coloured hair and get this, hair colouring services too!

The scalp treatments include,

  • Healthy Scalp Treatment for Hair Loss Prevention

  • Detoxdren Scalp Mask for Dandruff & Oily Scalp

  • Energising Scalp Mask for Scalp Regeneration

I went for the Healthy Scalp Treatment $80 nett (from 1st December) to gently cleanse, eliminate bacterial and slow down sebum production as a pre-treatment scan revealed that my hair follicles are clogged with grime and sebum.


See what I mean about being clogged?!

This popular treatment prevents hair loss and supports regenerative functions to promote hair growth and is suitable for all scalp conditions.

Natural ingredients in this treatment include Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Oil) and Isochrysis Galbana Extract (Mircoalgae) which helps hair to grow stronger and healthier.

I really like how attentive and dedicated the therapists are throughout my treatment. They made sure I was well taken care of ("If you're hungry, we have Milo okay?") and were very thorough during the treatment to make sure that every single inch of my scalp is cared for. After the treatment, there was an immediate difference to how clean my scalp felt... you know how sometimes even after showering you still feel that your scalp can't "breathe"? Right after the treatment, I felt that my scalp is much more refreshed and cleansed of all the dirt, grime and sebum that's been built up.

Remember I had mentioned that hair has since become quite dry and brittle? I was hence recommended the Hair Spa Treatment for Damaged/Coloured Hair $80 nett (from 1st December) where top-quality plant extracts are used to soothe, protect and strengthen dry, brittle and chemically treated hair.

The result?

Silky commercial-worthy (right???) hair and a MUCH cleaner scalp.

After both treatments, not only does my scalp feel more refreshed and no longer oily and itchy (I know right...), my hair also feels softer and moisturised as compared to before. Additionally, the floral scents of their products is long-lasting and pleasant without being overpowering... think of it as a calming scent. I also have to recommend their hair serum which is made with a non-oily formula and with that same light, floral scent so it protects your hair throughout the day without that greasy feeling. And get this, it offers UV protection too!

Now, for the longest time ever, I have always been scared to seek professional treatments because I have this fear that I will walk in and end up having to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You know what I mean about those scary beauty parlours right?! One of the greatest plus points about Topp Care for me is - besides the awesome service - how transparent and upfront they are with their prices.

Hair and scalp treatments are fixed at $80 (incl GST) for both genders, regardless of hair length. But to make things even sweeter, they are now going at $60 as an opening promotion.

As for hair colouring services, they are fixed price too (trust me, I KNOW the feeling of going to the hairdressers and having no guts to ask "how much ah?"):

  • Chin length $60
  • Shoulder length $80
  • Armpit length to waist length - $100
  • Longer than waist length - from $110 (additional $20 for every 10cm below waist length)

They are also currently having a promo on Fave where you can enjoy 1 session at $16 and 2 sessions at just $28!

TOPP Care is located at Blk 201D Tampines Street 21 #01-1131, Singapore 524201 (Google Maps link here) and you can also find them on Facebook

Enjoy xxx