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Tsururi Singapore

4 years ago / beauty

See the difference with mineral clay

Hi friends!

As I've said like only 1001 times lol, I use mainly Japanese facial products cause I think they work best for my skin and also because I like trying out new stuff when I head to Japan. The Japs are usually (to me lah) the most effective when it comes to skincare.

I was recently introduced to new Japanese skincare brand TSURURI which has just arrived in Singapore and I really like their products.

Here's what I tried!

Step 1: Facial Wash ($12.90)

Their facial cleansers are made of 100% botanical cleansing component and forms a creamy lather that cleanses deep into the pores.

There's the Moroccan-sourced Ghassoul Paste that contains Andes Rock Salt which has oil-control properties for oily/ combination skin types and then there's the French-sourced White Clay Paste which comes infused with white florals
and Mannan and is best for dry/ sensitive skin.

Both products are also free from alcohol and mineral oils.

I used the White Clay Paste with their Pore Cleansing Brush ($18.90) and I must say I LOVE their 100% silky soft, 5┬Ám tip ultra-fine bristles - it's super, duper soft and smooth to touch! When coupled with their facial wash, it produces a luxurious lather that works to remove surface oils, makeup, dirt, and grime. It left my skin feeling clean and fresh without over-drying it.

Step 2: Nose Pack ($12.90)

I may have dry skin but my nose is like a strawberry (where does all that oil come from?!) and if there's one wish I have for my face, it's to get rid of all that blackheads on my nose!

The Tsururi nose packs come in a POINT CLAY PACK GHASSOUL & RED CLAY POWDER version that absorbs and eliminates oily build-up from the nose and t-zone area and a WARMING CREAM WITH ENERGY STONE ZEOLITE version with a triple-ingredient formula that smoothens rough pores by melting away impurities and blackheads.

I was very surprised with the results... After 5 minutes, the clay texture of the nose pack dries up and you can actually see the oil spots appearing on the surface of the mask as dark spots!


Your skin is left feeling pleasantly cool, refreshed, and toned after washing it off.

Step 3: Mask Pack ($19.90)

Now for the rest of the face!

The Tsururi Mask Pack is a alcohol-free, mineral oil-free clay pack that absorbs impurities from deep inside pores for smooth glowing skin.

Like the other products, it also comes in 2 versions:

  • The GHASSOUL MINERAL CLAY PACK (for normal/ oily skin) with a relaxing herbal spa scent that absorbs impurities from deep inside pores for smooth, glowing skin. Alcohol-free, mineral oil-free.

  • The MILD SEA CLAY PACK (for sensitive/ dry skin) with Okinawa sea clay & red coral powder to absorb impurities and exfoliate your skin. This gentle formula is fragrance-free, alcohol-free, mineral oil-free and allergy-tested.

I tried the mild sea clay pack given my dry skin and I like how the paste is easy to work with, blends out easily and dries in less than 5 minutes.

It feels really gentle on the skin and I feel that my face is less oily and more moisturised, soft and supple after use.

By the way! While you might feel good when you use pore strips (especially when you peel them off and see your whiteheads/ blackheads pop out), but they are actually way too harsh for our face! Using clay, on the other hand, is a gentle treatment that can help to balance your skin's oil level without being too harsh.

Tsururi is available at Watsons, Metro, BHG, Tokyu Hands and Meidi-Ya.

For more info:

Instagram: @tsururisg