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Turning 28

8 years ago / married life / personal / turning 28

Typing this on my new MacBook Pro :)

So I turned 28 two weeks back - I used to think that being in the late 20s (am now officially in the club) sounded really old but if you ask me now, I'd think that the 28 - 35 years are going to be the best. We have sufficient experience to stop making those silly mistakes we made in our early 20s (way too many unnecessary heartbreaks) yet we also still possess the youth and I'd like to think, looks too, to take on the world ;) So here's to fabulous years ahead!

Every year, the boy surprises me with a cake (Ya i know, if it's been so many years and I can still get surprised... so it's either that he's a bloody good actor or that I'm damn dumb. I'd like to think that it's the former), but this year, our fridge wasn't working so I was fairly certain I won't be getting a cake.

So I went to bed early the night before my birthday and at midnight, I got woken up by the boy.



If you ask me, cupcakes are better than a whole cake because I get a mixed bunch of flavours and I can savour them one at a time haha.

These are from Twelve Cupcakes. The boy later confessed that he had actually went to Marmalade Pantry before meeting me for lunch but ended up waiting a good 20 minutes for them to open and when they didn't, he ended up getting them from Twelve Cupcakes instead. 

These from Twelve Cupcakes are not too bad but I think the ones from Marmalade Pantry are wayyyyy better!

So anyway, I blew out the candles, shared 1 cupcake with the boy and was about to go back to sleep when he said, "eh, today Baby very blur huh."

Usually when he says that I'm blur... it will mean that I have not spotted some present lying around for me. That was the case with my proposal ring and more recently, camera that he surprised me with.

So I started looking around the room...


And saw this by the window.

I started crying.

Haha. And telling him repeatedly, "I thought we agreed no presents?" while opening my present in tears.

(His birthday is exactly a week after mine and we had agreed no gift exchange this year!)

It turns out that I had came very close to spoiling my surprise before midnight because I was hunting high and low around the room for our printed travel confirmation to Japan in December and I had actually lifted up the laptop (it was in a brown box) and opened the cupboard in the study (where the cupcakes box was placed in a plastic bag) while searching for the printout. But I didn't notice them at all... super blur indeed.


The next day, I took a day off work and spent my birthday sleeping in. Woke up, had 2 cupcakes and went back to bed. Finally woke up realllyyyyy late and had our first proper meal at 6pm. 

Had a simple brunch or dinner - whatever you want to call it -, caught a movie, and because it's my birthday...


I indulged in this. Magnum with sea salt, caramel crisps and gold flakes. Dipped in dark chocolate and drizzled with white choc. So sinfully good!


So here's to being another year older, and hopefully wiser!