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7 years ago / married life / personal

I turned 29 a week ago.

I turned 29 a week ago.

Actually, before I started writing this post, the first thing I did was to read last year’s post on Turning 28 and I realised something…

I don’t think I have grown up at all this past year.

FML hahaha. I expected to read last year’s post and be all “full of emotions” and proceed to write something Carrie Bradshaw-ish about the last year of my 20s. But unfortunately, I still feel like a kid - all girly and happy about my birthday cakes and perhaps quite irresponsible and selfish too. I don’t know if I will ever feel like a “grown up” but I do know that I am incredibly blessed.

This is the first year in a longgggg while that the boy isn’t in town to celebrate my birthday. Every year, he has never failed to surprise me with a cake and/ or present but this year he’s not in town so I had zero expectations and spent the eve of my birthday working my ass off drafting 3 blog posts haha.

Then at midnight, I got a call from him, wishing me Happy Birthday baby girl and telling me to open my bedside drawer.

Where I found this card.

So naturally I started crying (in fact I feel like crying again as I type this now) and started running around the room looking for my pressie with him on the phone playing hot/ cold with me.

And then I opened the wrapper to find this.


The boy and I have a long-standing joke for YEARS that I will buy him a nose hair trimmer and he, an epilator for me since our birthdays are a week apart. But this joke had always remained a joke.. until he decided to turn it into reality fml.

(I didn’t get him a nose hair trimmer wtf but I really should have!)

On my actual birthday, I was prepared to be #foreveralone and spend it with Fatbear but my girls decided to take me out, finding time out of their wedding planning and crazy OT schedules for sushi and bubbly :)

And bought me flowers on behalf of the hubs.

Though I almost had to buy my birthday cake wtf.

These girls told me that they didn’t have time to get me a cake and asked me to “settle it myself” wtf. But they ended up surprising me with this Hello Kitty agar agar cake that I had previously blogged about so thank you babes for letting me know that I have at least 5 faithful blog readers haha.

Love you girls to the moon and back!

The next day, I celebrated my birthday with my secondary school friends! Ya lah I know I machiam Miss Popular, one birthday got to celebrate over a few days lol.

Because I’m a true blue Chinese girl at heart, we had HAI DI LAOOOOOO!

Where they surprised me with this fruit platter wtf

Can’t believe it was 13 years ago that we were gallivanting around Orchard Road with the VS boys in our blue/ grey Cedar uniforms.

And because girlfriends know best the right birthday present to get ♡ ♡ ♡ (Which isn’t an epilator by the way)

SO ANYWAY… the main point of this post is actually not about my birthday but the husband’s.

You see, his birthday is exactly 7 days after mine, and every year he will do something wham bam to surprise me and then I’ll end up feeling super duper guilty and scrambling to get him a cake, present, dinner reservations etc and attempting to orchestrate it all as a surprise.

But this year I decided to wise up so I started planning real early in advance.. like in June wtf. Surprise birthday party and all.. told our friends to save the date and also booked the strippers already. (I KID!!)

Then I found out he was going away -__-

And as I said before, you really can’t be sure they are going away until they really go away. So when he really really confirm plus chop left the country, I started asking his colleagues where he was putting up (at the risk of sounding like a crazy stalker possessive wife).. and proceeded to scour the Internet for presents that I could send over.

Considering that he’s in a super ulu part of Australia, this little town called Rockhampton… I am really proud of myself that I managed to pull everything off!

The boy is someone with tons of hobbies.. few years ago it was World Of Warcraft so I had WoW cupcakes made then wtf. This time round it’s beer and beer brewing wtf.

So I had a crate of Little Creatures sent to him…

I ordered from First Choice Liquor - they deliver Australia-wide and their customer service is superb!

Andddddddd I got this fabulous cake made and delivered!


It honestly wasn’t easy ok!! Rockhampton has a total population of 61,724 people according to Wikipedia so you can imagine how small this city is… and how hard was it for me to find a baker who could customise something for me at such short notice and deliver it personally too. We coordinated everything via e-mail and I’m really, REALLY pleased with the final product! I got it from Briana at Briana’s Cake Creations and I highly recommend her (if you happen to stumble upon this space via Google or if you’re a fellow Singapore military wife trying to plan a surprise lol) - she’s really the sweetest! Plus it didn’t cost an arm and a leg...this cost me $150 incl free delivery. I actually contacted another baker who quoted me $450 AUD + $50 delivery for the same thing wtf.

So anyway there I was, feeling all proud as a peacock that I managed to pull this off…

Me: Hehehehehehe you like your present?

The boy: No. In fact I am very angry with you.

Me: Wtf??? Why?

Him: Why you send me cake??? Now everybody know it’s my birthday and I have to buy them dinner.


Ok lor… next year I will buy you your nose hair trimmer then.