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WE ARE 10!

6 years ago / married life / personal

How we met - this very day - 10 years ago!

If you had told me ten years ago, that I would end up getting picked up while taking my driving test, I'd have thought you're crazy.

But truth is, on 30 April 2005, at the advice of many others, I applied quite a fair bit of makeup and chose the shortest skirt in my wardrobe and headed to Comfort Driving Centre. They all say wear like that sure pass.

Well, I did catch the attention of my tester and I did pass my driving test but I also ended up catching the attention of this uniformed personnel sitting next to me who had the worst pick up line ever. ("You're taking your driving test also?") ... No dude, I just really enjoy sitting around a driving centre.

But I'm glad he spoke to me though... 'cause some ten years of awkward conversations, long distance and bad jokes later, he ended up being my husband.

I still can't believe we survived 10 years!

PS- It has since become our annual ritual to watch this super cringe-worthy How We Met video...

Don't dare you judge - I already told you it's extremely painful!