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Uncover the Secret to Cheap Flights and Amazing Travel Deals

5 years ago / travel / Hidden


We all have to travel on some pretext or the other – be it work or fun and of course, we want it to be as cheap as possible. Skyrocketing air fares and tickets make up for a major part of our travel expense. This makes it important that we look for cheap flights and travel deals so that we don’t burn holes in our pocket, no matter what your destination is! Whether you are booking well in advance or making last minute travel plans, there are ways to economise your travel expenditure. Read on to know how to do this.

Follow Airlines on Twitter

Social media is all over the place and the hotspot for best deals. And if you follow various airlines on Twitter, you can look forward to some great deals. Most airlines keep tweeting about their best deals and offers at any time and sometimes just a few hours before a scheduled flight! If you keep an eye on these tweets, you can save money! With you can get some great deals on travel. One of the largest aggregators of vouchers and coupons across more than twenty countries, you can get latest offers from various merchants!

Sign up for Emails, Newsletters and Alerts

This is another way you can save a few dollars on your air tickets. If you sign up for alerts, then you can expect deals and offers to come your way for your desired destination from various airlines. With such alerts you can constantly updated and can book your flight on any such offer as you come across cheap flights and travel deals.


Plan Ahead

This is no doubt the best way to save on air fares. If you plan well ahead in advance, book your flights then you can really make big savings. Most airlines open their booking windows as early as eleven months from your date of travel giving you sufficient time to book and save in the long run. Singapore provides you the best online shopping deals at Singapore. At Paylesser Singapore grab the cheap flights & travel deals and get extensive discount on hotel bookings

Choose your Destination Wisely

If you are planning a personal vacation or fun trip, look for less travelled destinations. Air fares to such places are often cheaper than the more travelled air routes. Do your research and explore new places that you can visit and also have more fun in the process.

Fly on Non-Peak Days and Odd Hours

Try travelling midweek or on a Saturday for cheaper air fares. Most travellers choose to travel on Fridays or around public holidays. Air fares on such days and also during peak hours are most expensive. If you can cut short your night’s sleep by an hour or two, you can book yourself on a late night or an early morning flight as they are way cheaper!


Visit Websites for Comparisons

Take a good hard look at various travel websites to get the best deal. Many such websites offer comparisons of flight fares of different airlines and routes. Also compare fares of non-stop flights to those of hopping ones with one or more stoppages. Going through these websites will give you an idea of varying air fares of different airlines so that you can make the best buy.

Keep these in mind and have a great travel!