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Unravel Escape Room

5 years ago / singapore

Screaming my heart out with my homies!

A couple of weeks back, my sister and brother-from-another-mother (aka the cousin) got together for an escape game!

Because the husband decided that he has better things to do than listening to us squeal and scream…. he decided to spend his time with his Magic Cards instead wtf.

So taking his place (for the game!!!) was my minion. Because erm, who else can I boss around and make them put up with my endless screaming lol.

Anyway... you guys know me, I’m terrified of anything and everything. Birds scare me, I can take a 2km detour to avoid a cat and… I sleep with ALL the lights on.

And the last time I tried an escape game, we only managed to complete like 30% of it? Not because I was distracting everybody with my screaming (though I can’t be sure that it wasn’t a factor lol) but the game itself just felt too tough… like the, I don’t even know where to start?! kinda difficulty. And mind you, that was with my junior college mates so these girls aren’t like dumb blondes ok ><

So anyway, back to UNRAVEL.

When I first saw the themes they had, I was erm… a little worried. Haunted School? Old Changi Hospital????

But well, we man-ed up and went for The Ouija.


You 80s, 90s kids will definitely know about the Ouija board. Remember how it was once all the rage in school when we tried to ask “our friends” stuff? And watching the pen/ game piece move on its own?

(I just got the shivers typing this.)

Well, this escape game was based on that and set in a school where we are supposedly students of.

And I really enjoyed myself!

Not the incessant screaming lah… at some point in time, I can’t tell if it’s my sister or me shrieking away haha. But I like how the game was formulated with a good mix of science, math and general knowledge puzzles and how there is sense of progression throughout the game… one clue leads to another, you move from one room to another kinda thing.

And oh, did I mention unlimited hints?

Now, I wouldn’t suggest you ask for hints at EVERY opportunity (like the way we did -_-“) but this allows you to set how hard you’d like to challenge yourself. You like it tough? Don’t ask for any clues!

In all, we had a GREAT time bonding with the fams and I think we’ll be trying the Old Changi Hospital one soon!

Unravel’s conveniently located at Bugis and they have a total of 4 different games to choose from!

Bugis CUBE
470 North Bridge Road
05-20 Singapore 188735
Telephone: 6802 2514


The kind peeps at Unravel is giving away one game at ANY of their 4 rooms (worth $28 and can take up to 8 pax) to one winner!


1) Follow them on Instagram @unravelsg
2) Leave a comment below or email me at [email protected] telling me who you’ll be taking with you to play the game!

xx Enjoy!

(Contest ends 10 August 2016)