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Urban Light

4 years ago / travel / usa / los angeles

Because you wouldn't be in Los Angeles otherwise!

Search 'Los Angeles' on Instagram and chances are, more than half of the pictures will be of this Urban Light installation by Chris Burden at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The Wilshire Boulevard entrance to be specific.

If you didn't know (I didn't! Until I googled!), these are actually restored street lamps from the 1920s and 1930s that once lit the streets of Southern California.

As for visiting here, my advice is that if your aim is to solely take pictures for the 'gram, then I suggest reaching there really early. We were there by 8am and there were ALREADY a bunch of kids running around the lights so we had to wait pretty long before we could get shots without 'em in the pics.

But if you just want to be less of a basic bitch like yours truly and appreciate this assemblage sculpture properly, then I'd suggest you go at dusk when the lights are on. We couldn't do so because we didn't want to deal with flashes and night lighting lol.

Also, just to let you in on a little secret, this was actually the day that we combed FIVE places in LA - we started our day here at LACMA, then we went to the Pink Wall, followed by Venice Beach, and finally caught a game at Staples Center before ending the night with In-N-Out burgers. All done with multiple outfit changes in the car lol.

Sigh. The kind of things we do for Instagram.