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Using Light Procedures for Hair Removal Results

4 years ago / Hidden

Shaving and waxing are popular hair removal methods you can do at home, but what if you are tired of them? After all, they can be inconvenient and time-consuming. Shaving is especially annoying because the hair grows back quickly. If you have lost your patience for such techniques, there are clinical light procedures that may help you. One is called intense pulsed light therapy. The other is lasers hair removal treatment.



IPL and Laser Treatments Are Convenient

When you go to a clinic for an IPL or laser treatment, you probably will not be there for more than an hour or so. You can also have the procedures performed on almost any offending body hairs, no matter what locations they are in. They are excellent for treating hairs you cannot reach on your own at home. You can also use them to treat hairs in sensitive areas you may not want to wax or shave.

The Two Hair Removal Treatments Vary in Intensity and Techniques

When you are deciding between IPL and laser treatment, consider the intensity of the techniques. IPL uses bursts of light and tends to be a “cooler” treatment. However, it is also a milder treatment. That means IPL hair-removal equipment takes a while to weaken and remove hairs. Therefore, you may need more appointments than you would need for laser hair removal treatment.

Lasers are often effective faster because they are simply stronger treatments. The heat and light are focused and target each hair. As the beam travels down the hair shaft, it damages all of the hair, including the part under your skin where you cannot see. The follicle (hair root) is also damaged. Therefore, not only are less treatments needed before hairs fall out, but they tend to stay gone longer than hairs treated with IPL.

Pain Management During IPL and Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser and IPL treatments are not as painful as they may sound, especially laser treatments. They can cause your skin to feel hot. You may also feel as though something is being repeatedly snapped against your skin. However, the technician can numb the treatment area with topical anesthetic if necessary. Cool air can be used during the treatment to reduce the heat you feel as well.

Results You Can Expect from laser and IPL Treatment

Both IPL and laser treatment remove hair, but it takes multiple treatments. The hair does not fall out right away. Also, the amount of time it takes for hair to grow back is unpredictable. Some of the hair may never grow back, or it may return in a matter of weeks. But, when you consider hairs return within days after shaving, they are far more efficient alternatives.

Determining if You Can Have Laser Treatment

Laser treatment can come with some risks. Therefore, it is important to make sure you are eligible for treatment before scheduling an appointment. To do so, you must talk to a skincare clinician or dermatologist. He or she has to inspect your skin and go over potential risk factors with you.

If your skin is dark, it can be more difficult but not impossible to have laser hair removal done successfully. That is because you can experience changes in skin coloration after treatment, and the laser may have more difficult locating each hair as well. Additionally, you may have larger pores or more oily skin, if your pigmentation is dark. Excessive skin oils can be a burn hazard during treatment, so you must weigh the benefits and risks carefully before scheduling treatment.