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V-DAY 2015

6 years ago / married life / personal

This year's Valentine's Day!

Hello from the Gos!

(By the way, I'm thinking of double-barrelling my surname but Flora Lim-Go just sounds so wrong - I'm not imagining it right?)

Anyhow I'm typing this on V-day itself which goes to show that didn't do anything fancy schmancy today.

Unless you count our favourite-est Chye Sua carrot cake for brunch. We waited a good 30 min for it!

Then we came back, I baked some awesome cheddar-and-chives scones (will share the recipe soon!) and deliberated if we should head to Punggol End to commemorate him asking me "Ai steady mai?" (Yes, really) on this very day 5 years ago.

But we got too lazy (this is what married life does to you people!) and ended up at Bedok 85 for bakchormee and here we are... back home, me at my com and he at his, killing some monsters (I presume?) in his World of Warcraft game.

So yes, it pretty much feels like every other Saturday. I didn't get any flowers (not even a cauliflower damnit) and neither are we like every other couple out there catching Fifty shades lol.

But you know what?

There's no one else I'd rather stay home with to watch him play Wow.


Oh, oh, oh! We also got down to changing money (So much praise for DBS treasures at Serangoon Gardens btw! Impeccable service!) and preparing those angbaos. Love the hot pink VS ones!

Obviously different designs for the different denominations in them. #auntie

If you're thinking how much to give for ang baos this year, you might want to read this ang bao guide I did up!


Hope everybody had a great Valentine's! <3