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8 years ago / married life / personal / work

Our Valentine's Day celebration!

Waiting for the boy to get home from school then we can do a quick lunch and move some boxes (for real this time) - final lap of moving. The movers are coming tomorrow! 

All this moving is kinda driving me nuts. I didn't know I have amassed so many bottles of skincare products and toiletries (and I haven't even moved in properly!) When I brought some of my stuff home, I realised I have enough shower foam to bathe till the day I die and maybe more than enough for my next life too. So the story goes, we bought a place but it won't be ready for quite a while (the last I checked they were still at piling and the developers haven't asked us for the next payment so I think progress is painfully slow) and the boy's house is undergoing serious renovation. By serious, I mean like tear down the whole house to rebuild it into a bigger 3 storey place to house all of us. So in the mean time, the boy's gonna stay at my place until we can all move back into the bigger house when it's ready. I can't imagine going through all the moving again in 10 months fml. 

So anyway, I've been working from home this past week cause it's much easier to run errands like move more boxes, bring clothes to the Salvation Army etc in between replying emails and stuff and we had agreed not to celebrate Valentine's Day cause it's a commercialised, pointless occasion. RIGHT? But I cheated and bought him a present haha, BUT the present DIDN'T COME IN TIME fml. I think it's still in transit cause of the CNY postal delay. 

And yesterday I was really busy with work cause we were launching the most chio hugeass accessories collection at ClubCouture!image


Mad pretty right? I'm really into wrist candy so this is super up my alley! Shop here:

So anyway I was working from home and then the boy told me we have to meet the calligrapher at 630pm to collect our invitation cards so at 6pm I hopped into the shower and by 615 we were out of the house - I was in specs and Havaianas please. 

At this point in time, I was SMSing Bryant and telling him that we're going to Nex, most prob Sushi Tei for dinner if the queue ain't too long for the salad I've been craving and couldn't have for my lunch date with him cause of the insane rain. 

When I reached the car, I saw a solitary stalk of flower & a card.


Something like that la, made of fabric. Then I was honestly quite happy already haha and told him "eh lucky you never waste money on flowers".

Then the boy replied, "Is it? Then what is this?"

And he took this bouquet out... from no where. 



Then I was super distracted by the flowers and the card...



... when i realised we were NOT going to Serangoon North to meet the calligrapher. 

We were driving along Upper Paya Lebar road when I asked "eh thought we going to Serangoon North?" then the bugger still can tell me "ya hor, I don't know why I just drive to here, gotta U-turn in front" then I just okok and continued talking and talking and SMSing Bryant & Simin live updates about the flowers and card until I realised we were inside the KPE.

That's when I freaked out. I don't want to go to a fancy place in glasses and flip flops okay haha.

That's when I started nagging, pleading, whining and trying to ask him where are we going exactly.

By then he had exited the ECP and told me we were going to have dinner IN the Singapore Flyer.



The one thing we had laughed about so many times cause it's super cheesy (romantic for many, but it's really just NOT us). And he kept telling me stuff like "don't worry la, nobody will see you in your specs except me and the butler" and "I got this idea from the dinner date you suggested to Gabriel last week ma" while I just kept going on and on about how it's super nonsense and I DON'T WANT to dine there. Kept asking if can cancel or not haha.

Then this bugger even brought me to the ticketing counter.. before telling me it's a prank -_-

We ended up at good ol' Seafood Paradise instead, which is really more us :D



Herbal prawns and creamy butter crabs nom nom nom. I insisted to buy dinner in the end ok! But it's still half the price of what it would cost for the ridiculous sky dining thingy haha.

And every other girl at the flyer was quite well dressed - at least not in specs & Havaianas.

Oh ya, while walking back to the car, we walked past this Flight Simulator thing and I naturally asked the boy "you want to try this not? You can pretend to be a pilot leh!" and to which he replied "why the hell do I need to pretend to be a pilot?!" #majorfail

So we went back to the car after dinner (no time for wine & dine, really gotta move boxes) and he took out another present!


Wah major Fatbear overload this Vday... I like!


Mug + Spoon!

So it's not another Chanel or another diamond this year, but a bunch of little surprises that makes me a very, very happy girl :D

Happy Valentine's everybody x