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Ways to Arrange a More Modern Wedding

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It can sometimes be difficult to know to go about planning a modern wedding. After all, it’s not always easy to break with traditions, especially when your family want to go the traditional route. Of course, planning a modern wedding doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate traditional elements as well. It’s simply about achieving the balance that feels right for you.

If you want your wedding to feel modern and perfect and everything you want it to be, we’ve got some tips that you might want to put into action. Not all of these will be right for everyone, but you can pick and choose the ideas that work for you. That’s what weddings are all about anyway.

Choose Modern Florals

Choosing modern florals really matters. The flowers that you’re holding on the big day will say a lot about the overall themes and aesthetics you have in place for your wedding day and how you want all of this to come across. Using table flowers such as orchids is a really modern touch. It might sound strange, but some flowers do feel more modern than others. Big traditional bouquets are becoming less and less common.

Find a Venue That Feels Fresh and Modern

You need to have a venue that also fits in with your modern plans. This is something that’s often easier said than done because many wedding venues are on the more traditional sites. Choosing a big manor or an old estate might look great, but it’s probably not going to convey the modern feel that you’re looking for. So be sure to take your time browsing the options and find a venue that feels fresh and modern. It’ll be worth it when you eventually find it.

Incorporate Your Personalities More

There’s never anything wrong with stamping your personalities on the wedding day. You want it to feel like it really belongs to you and that’s how it should be, especially when you want to give your big day a more modern feel. Be sure to think of ways to make it feel like yours and put as much of your personality as possible into the themes and schedule of the day. It’s something that only you and your partner will know how to do. It’s your wedding after all.



Keep the Colours Minimalist and Simple

If you want to create a modern theme for your wedding, you’re going to need to keep the colours as minimal and muted as possible. By keeping things simple, you’ll make the whole space feel a lot more modern. When you have tons of colours all fighting for space, it tends to make the room feel messy, overwhelmed and very outdated. Instead, stick to a simple and relatively pale colour palette. There’s plenty of scope to put your own stamp on the day while also keeping the colours simple.

Set the Right Tone with the Invites and Menu Cards

You can set the modern tone for your wedding very early on. Things like vellum wedding invites combine a classic style with a more modern aesthetic and it’s the kind of thing you’re probably looking for. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to match up the theme of your wedding with the invites and it gives people an idea of what to expect from the style and aesthetic of your big day when it finally arrives. The same applies to the menu cards; these should match the style of your invites.

Plan the Ceremony Backdrop Carefully

The backdrop to the actual ceremony is something that you definitely need to think about carefully. If you can ensure the ceremony feels modern and sleek, your entire wedding will start to feel that way as well. You probably don’t want to be standing at the altar in a church if you’re going for something a little more modern, so plan this out ahead of time and think about what you do want your ceremony to look like.



Seek Out a Modern Dress

The wedding dress is obviously one of the most important elements of your wedding. It’s what you’re going to be wearing all day and you want to make sure it looks great and that you can feel comfortable in it at all times. Comfort isn’t the only concern however. You also want to feel like your wedding dress is modern and fits in with the overall aesthetic you’re trying to achieve for your wedding day as a whole. Maybe you don’t even want to wear white!

Make the Reception Entertainment Interactive

The reception and the entertainment that’s on offer there is something you’ll definitely need to give some thought to on your big day. Keep it entertaining and as interactive as it can be. There’s nothing wrong with wanting your guests to have an active and good time at your reception. Choose games that get everyone up on their feet and make a party of it. It doesn’t need to be just a DJ and a dancefloor; mix things up a bit. You can do pretty much anything you want as long as it leads to more fun!

Do Something That’s Unexpected

Finally, you should really try to do something that people aren’t expecting. After all, if you’re doing things the modern way, you obviously don’t care about breaking the rules. Don’t conform to the old way of doing things and instead do something that grabs attention and surprises people a little. Doing so can definitely add a fun twist to your wedding and that’s probably what you’re looking for. There are no limits to how you can go about making this happen.

If you get the things we’ve discussed here right, you’ll be able to create the modern wedding you’ve been dreaming of. It doesn’t have to be particularly complicated, you just need to get the basics right and make sure that you don’t feel constrained by traditions and things like that.