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Weird and weirder

6 years ago / clubcouture / personal

I'm beginning to think that I need to see a dream therapist soon...

Okay so the weird dreams have been continuing... AGAIN!

I woke up this morning to the husband SHAKING me because I was shouting in my sleep.

And when I finally jolted out of my sleep, the first thing I asked him was...

"Why you go Zoukout with another girl?!"

I don't remember much of the details of the dream this time round - except that I was married to Edward Cullen wtf. The rest of the dream was a mix-mash of men dressed in smart, black suits, guns, murders, beach parties, fireworks and a dancing monkey.

I do remember however, this particular part where my "husband" told me that he can only join me at Zoukout on day 2 because he's bringing this other woman to Zoukout on day 1 wtf.

And I remember me being angry because that woman was quite ugly... like ru hua kinda ugly.


I don't know which is worse...

Me being married to Mr Sparkle Vampire OR that he finds Ru Hua more attractive than me.


In other news, we have been taking the longest break ever on CC because our latest shipment got stuck at customs for like one entire month wtf.

But thankfully they came in time for Chinese new year! #anyexcusetobuynewclothes

Here are some of my favourites from this week's upload (just up on the site!)... Nui so pretty here la <3





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