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Conversations with the boy #343

So my mother-in-law just came back from a month-long trip to visit her daughter in the UK and she was VERY visibly concerned at how tired I looked at the dining table.

(I was tired lah... didn't sleep much in Perth and then I came back to clear payroll. Been clocking an average of 3 hours a night wtf.)

So I got a text that evening from my sister-in-law from London,


And the next morning, my mother-in-law got up SUPER early to prepare for me a huge breakfast of eggs and sausages and practically freaked out when I told her I had no appetite.

Later that day, I got a text from her...


Which is extremely sweet but it also got me thinking and worried that she thinks that I'm preggers wtf.

Uploaded the above Whatsapp screenshot on Facebook and amidst the sea of wtf congratulatory messages...

Please check out the husband's brilliant input.


Anyway, for the record - still NOT pregnant guyzzz.

Photo of the unpregnant me in Australia recently kthxbye.