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when we were small…

7 years ago / personal

Happy birthday, little one!


This photo was taken exactly 25 years ago.

My sister was my best friend when we were growing up.. she’s 3 years younger than me but she grew so fast we were about the same size wtf and we always insisted on wearing matching outfits.




And we loved it when people ask, “Are you twins?”

F my parents’ life cause everything also got to buy two sets lol.

We went to the same primary school and I was super excited to play big sister to jaga her - I remember a particular incident when there was an announcement over the PA system for “Flora Lim of Primary 4 Faith” to head to the principal’s office and everyone in class was like “What did Flora do?!”.

Me too - I was wondering how the hell did I end up in trouble? I walked into the office in cold sweat… only to see my sister crying uncontrollably (because she had been ticked off by the bookshop uncle for mixing up $2 with $0.20 - please, she was only 6!) and only wanted her sister. Hehehe.

The jaga-ing continued over the years… when she was 13 and entered secondary school, I had to go down to her school one day and scare away some stupid ah lians wtf who were giving her trouble.

And then there were those years that we fought so much and didn’t speak to each other for months.

But having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, she’ll still be there.


So happy birthday, Cheryl! Even if you weren’t my only sister, you’d still be my favourite… probably! Hehe.

Here’s to many more years of fighting, laughing and crying together. Love you!