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When words don’t mean anything

7 years ago / personal

Language is not necessary, sometimes.

I was taking my evening stroll (I was tempted to type run but I figured you guys won’t believe my lie) when I came across two foreign workers (presumably from India or Bangladesh) pruning the plants in the estate.

And then a Chinese worker drives by on his buggy, waves at them and asks, in Mandarin, “还没下班啊?”

They grinned widely and replied in English, “Hey! You eat dinner already?”

I stood there for a minute or two, just watching the three of them have a conver - happily smiling away with neither really understanding each other.

It made me realise two things:

  1. That our bilingual education system honestly kicks ass.

  2. That sometimes, language is not necessary. That communication transcends words and that Kindness is understood universally.