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Why Singapore Businesses Are Choosing the Online Retail Community

6 years ago / Hidden

Singapore has undergone a massive technological revolution over the past decade and this transformation shows no sign of abating. Were you aware that 84 per cent of all Singaporeans now access the Internet on a daily basis (1)? It only stands to reason that these very same users are purchasing a growing number of products and services through online portals. This is why businesses of all sizes are beginning to migrate into the digital domain. What advantages can such a move offer and why is it critical to choose a trusted e-commerce provider from the very beginning?

E-Commerce: Redefining the Traditional Concept of Retail Success

Standard Singaporean retail stores face a number of challenges. Due to their nature, such firms are limited by geography and standard advertising techniques. They also have to deal with logistical concerns such as shipping, on-site storage and maintenance. Unfortunately, these issues can quickly eat into what would have otherwise been considered a positive revenue stream. Digital e-commerce has effectively done away with these very same hindrances.

Modern e-commerce platforms act as virtual hosts. They are not limited by location or region. They are able to appeal to an exponentially large audience. Thanks to methods such as drop shipping, the retail provider is no longer required to maintain a physical inventory of what is being offered. Perhaps most importantly, these systems are incredibly flexible and they can be used to reflect the unique branding of the company in question.

What does this signify for the domestic retail sector within Singapore? First and foremost, it is now possible to reach an incredibly large target demographic. International clients are becoming commonplace and cross-border marketing is a reality. Another benefit is that the cost-effective nature of e-commerce solutions will allow business owners to channel revenue back into their ongoing operations. Handsome profits are therefore much closer than many realise.

Making the Right Choices at the Right Times


While the power of modern e-commerce solutions should now be clear, it is just as important to mention that choosing the right provider is key if a Singaporean business ever hopes to enjoy long-term success. Here are some of the metrics which should be analysed and determined from the very beginning:

• Can a custom domain name be chosen?

• How many personalised themes are available?

• Does the platform offer a host of user-friendly features?

• Are dedicated applications available?

• Is 24/7 support offered in the event of a problem or a question?

It just so happens that Shopify has addressed all of these concerns. This is why more than $82 billion dollars of products have already been sold and why more than one million businesses choose to leverage the associated benefits. Those who would like to learn more about the tools at their disposal are encouraged to sign up for a free 14-day trial. Transforming a digital dream into a reality has never been easier.