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Wildfire Burgers now at [email protected]

5 years ago / food / wildfire

My favorite burgers (+ craft beers) now available in the heart of town!

I speak from experience that running a business in Singapore is extremely tough... especially in the F&B line - have you seen the way cafes sprout and close every other day?! It's absolutely crazy, I tell you.

So as much as possible, I make it a point to support fellow local establishments that I know have something good going on. And one fine example will be the guys over at Wildfire.

I've written about their first restaurant + bar at Evans Road that I love very very VERY much, and when Michel told me about their second outlet at [email protected] featuring a slightly different menu (and more craft beers), I was pretty excited to check them out!

My favorite burger over at 313's the Black Ebi $19. Featuring a chunky breaded prawn patty (that's like 99.9999% prawns with no filler nonsense) with butterhead lettuce, sliced tomatoes, grilled pumpkin, yuzu kosho mayo and squid ink aioli, I like how you can taste the sweetness of the prawns and the unique savory + sweet + tangy mix of flavors with every bite. The best part of it for me has got to be their signature brioche buns - with charcoal added this time round - it was really soft and pillowy with a distinct buttery taste.

If you're feeling ravenous - or want to take a really impressive photo for your Instagram feed - then you've got to go for The Works $23. This burger comes with their 120 Day grain fed beef patty alongside argula, streaky bacon, parmesan crisp, crispy onion rings, fried egg, sliced tomatoes, beer caramelised onions, guacamole (!!!) and their signature master sauce - it's everything I love put together in a burger. There is no way you can eat this glamorously except to get down and dirty with your hands (which frankly, is the only way burgers should be eaten) which the folks at Wildfire very kindly provide wet wipes for anyway.

Besides burgers, the new Wildfire at [email protected] also serves up savory popcorn $8 (I can't wait to try the smoked bacon cheddar ones!) and fried chicken $13 (boneless, by the way) which go very well with their 60+ craft beer available on the menu.

I particularly enjoyed the Yuzu koshio fried chicken while I was told the most popular choice amongst patrons has been the sticky nam prik pao (Thai chilli paste) flavor.

The variety of craft beers at 313 is a little different from that at Evans - while the latter is more Japanese-focused, at Somerset you can try out a wider range of European, Australian and American beers. Or the Yatagarasu Shiso Umeshu (Japanese Shiso & Plum wine) - which is what I had and highly recommend. It was light, fruity and the kinda happy drink you'll want to spend your night with.

Ambiance wise, I like how it DIDN'T feel like a family restaurant. Definitely the kinda place that will make a good Happy Hour or after work hangout with the bros/ girls/ friends/ spouse... you get the drift.

I foresee myself being there quite often (I really want to try the Truffled Mushroom Burger $23!) so maybe I'll see you there?


Wildfire Burgers Singapore
[email protected]
Unit #01-28
313 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238895