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World Internet Academy

5 years ago

Learn Facebook Marketing from Internet Marketing guru, Fabian Lim.


If you know the businesses I manage, you'd know I've technically been making money from the Internet haha for over a decade now - it's truly amazing how what started as a result of trying to keep overheads low (by eliminating rent) has turned into staple bread and butter for myself and our team.

These days, I've also noticed how the emergence of e-commerce and digital marketing has completely changed business landscapes - I now know of SO many friends (using this term loosely because being friends on Facebook does not equate to being friends in real life haha) who are now doing freelance "social media advertising" or "online marketing" - the latest hipster occupation wtf.

For any business, I strongly believe in Facebook marketing - if there is only ONE thing you need for your new brand, it is definitely Facebook my friend - but for many people out there and especially new business owners, because they do not know the importance of marketing PROPERLY on the Internet, they often end up throwing money out to "mass advertising" which isn't target-focused and wasting their advertising dollars - we know how every cent counts especially for startups yeah?

I recently chanced upon the World Internet Academy by Fabian Lim offering 12 free Facebook Advertising/Marketing lessons.

Fabian's a renowned Internet Marketing guru who specializes in teaching people how to market on the Internet in a systematic and educational approach. This is not some get-rich-quick scam lah - but a legit educational platform to learn how to market on the Internet through Facebook, SEO, pay-per-click marketing etc.

All you have to do is to sign up with your Facebook account and there are no strings attached.

The videos are structured to be informative and easy-to-understand for both employees and business owners alike!

With the way everything around us is all about Facebook and digital marketing these days, I think it's good to find out more about this even if you're not in this line of work - it's free anyway, so, why not really?

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