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Worm in my Tum

6 years ago / personal

Warning: Explicit content ahead!

Warning: Explicit content ahead!

So the other day, while I was in the midst of a meeting, I got a text from the sister-in-law which read, "I FOUND WORMS IN MY POO!! Saw the Doctor who said that the entire family needs to be de-wormed. IMMEDIATELY."

"What do you mean WORMS?" I furiously typed back. While trying to keep a straight face to my client.

"Worms as in Intestinal Worms. TAPEWORMS! You need to get dewormed pronto!!! I swear there were at least 50 of those worms in my poo! And you know what? These worms are capable of migrating... to the brain, the eyes, EVERYWHERE!"

I felt my knees going weak and I tried very hard to concentrate through the rest of the meeting.

When an eyelash dropped and touched my cheek, I almost jumped out of my seat... that's not a worm coming out of my eye now is it?

When the meeting finally ended, I had to pass on lunch... I shouldn't be feeding those worms right? What if they got bigger? I thought to myself, while trying to shut out the mental image for a 5 metre long worm living in my tummy.

I was in the Raffles Place area so I popped into a nearby clinic, panic growing by the second as I sat there was waiting for my turn.. oh please, please worms, please don't crawl to my head.

When I heard the nurse call out "Flora Lim", I dashed into the Doctor's room, shut the door behind me and whispered, "I have intestinal worms."

The doctor looked at me... speechless for a good 3 seconds, with a look that clearly read I've never heard of anyone having worms in Singapore for the past twenty years.

Anyway, I ended up waiting a good 15 minutes outside the consultation room. The doctor didn't attend to any other patients either - I bet he was having a good laugh and probably Whatsapp-ing his fellow doctor friends about it.

15 minutes later, he called the nurse into the room.

And I heard her going, "Orhhhhh you mean the WORM medicine ah?"

And so did the 10 other patients in the clinic...FML. *fumble in handbag for sunglasses to hide my face. *