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3 Years of Valentine's

Conversations with the boy - the 14 Feb edition.

I love the new Facebook memories feature - it reminds my failing memory of the things that I (still) hold close to my heart, people I used to be close to and how I've grown over the years.

Most importantly, it often reminds me exactly how I felt at that point in time when I uploaded that very photo or status.

Today being 14 Feb, Facebook took the prerogative to remind of my past 3 years of Valentine's Day being Mrs Go.



Still a sucker for his random surprises.


And I have yet to redeem this coupon. #goodwife

(Full blog post here, just realised that my photos quality then was quite shitty btw.)



Our first Valentine's as a married couple! (Post here.)




Was showing the boy these memories when he uttered, "Wah last time I had a lot more hair."

"Must be you stress me out so much that's why all my hair dropped."


Yep, still refusing to kiss me.

This year, we are in Japan and we spent our Valentine's in Shirakawago - playing in the snow, building snowmen and catching the once a year light-up.

They say traveling together can bring a couple closer together (or erm, tear them apart but I'm a highly optimistic person wtf.)

It was freezing, my toes had frostbite and I was worried that they were gonna turn blue and drop off. But yet, my heart was so full, of gratitude...

As he fussed about me not wearing my earmuffs.

And chased after me to button up my jacket properly.

He held my hand and made me laugh to ease my gephyrophobia (fear of bridges, it's legit ok) as we walked across the bloody long bridge.

And bought me coffee when I was sleepy. Then tea when I complained that the coffee was too diluted. #problemchild

And waited patiently when I went for my 532 toilet runs (sipping diuretics in sub-zero weather is actually a very bad idea, especially when you have 5 layers to take off and put back on...)

He spotted photo ops for me and patiently clicked away... yes, this is the same guy who tells everyone I'm a terrible model but yet knows my camera better than me.

"I thought we were done with this photoshoot nonsense when we got married?!"

As we ran across the bus station TWICE this morning... it made me realise that as much as I'm good at certain stuff like finding bargain air tickets, booking beautiful hotels and selecting pretty darn good destinations, I ALWAYS leave him to figure out (cause it gives me such a headache) how to take the bus, train, sometimes even 3 to 4 trains to each destination and he ALWAYS does it without complaints... every single time.

I also rediscovered that he may laugh at my clumsiness, and tell me that I'm not funny. And nag at my overpacked suitcase... but still lug it around for me anyway. That at the end of the day, we are a team... and that's exactly what we had signed up for, together. And that there's no perfect marriage or relationship for that matter, we just have got to keep working to keep the lurrrvvveee alive.

As I fell asleep on his shoulder on the taxi back, with my (very cold) hand warmed in his, I whispered,

"If we have a kid, let's name him Shirakawa ok? So he will be Shirakawa Go."

Hahahahaha. Geddit? GEDDIT?

Imitation is the highest form of flattery :smirk:

So yes, Happy Valentine's Day from the most unromantic couple I know (he gave me a card signed "From You Know Who" and I asked, WHY THE FK IS LORD VOLDEMORT GIVING ME A CARD?!)

I hope you have your own happiness too!