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The Girl in the Zebra Scarf

6 years ago / dress up / working girl

My latest obsession!

I don't know about you but unless it's a wedding dinner (tons of them lately!) or a major meeting, I don't usually pick different accessories for every outfit.

(But if I'm going all out to do a #flatlay for Instagram... then that's a different story.)

Lazy lah. I usually tumble out of bed and into the bathroom and I'll do my makeup whilst driving (the slow morning traffic usually provides plenty of time pockets to swipe on that mascara.)

As a result, I often go through accessory phases... where I'll wear the same ring/ necklace/ bangle for WEEKS before I switch to another. Usually it's because I've lost it somehow.

(I'm not kidding - I've lost SO many rings it's scary... which explains why I hardly wear my engagement ring these days.)

Lately I've been obsessed with this zebra printed silk-blend scarf from ClubCouture!

Rocking it from Hong Kong...

... to Thailand.

Ring's from Korean brand Mzuu!

I love how it instantly adds a touch of casual-chic-glam to the basic black dress and works sooo well in our insane weather. Cool enough to hide our arms from the blazing sun (this is how I stay fair!) but yet warm enough for our arctic shopping centres.

The best part? It's much bigger than a ring so I won't lose it easily... and even if I do, it's only $8 :ok_woman: