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all truffled up

The husband and I have completely different shopping habits when we do our weekly grocery shopping.

(On a side note, one of my greatest pet peeves is how Singaporeans keep using marketing when they really mean grocery shopping. Hello, since when you working for NTUC? But that’s another story for another time.)

As I was saying, when we’re at the supermarket…

Me: Straight to the dairy section. Picks out the same 5 Dairy Farmers yogurt tubs for the week’s breakfasts & a pack of original-flavored Yakult. Head for the cereal section - decide between Banana Nut Crunch or Honey Bunches of Oat. Off to the fruits section - a punnet of blueberries, another punnet of strawberries, some kiwis…. Ok done.

Him: Strolls through every aisle to check out every single damn thing… every condiment. Every type of cheese available. Every single variety of beans, oats, grains, rice that they sell.

"Hey! They have NZ greenshell mussels now!"

"But you don’t even eat shellfish?!"

And before he buys anything new, he must first consult trusty Google for reviews.. after reviews, before coming to a decision as to which brand of soy sauce to buy. And he looks soooo serious while staring intently at his phone, you’d think that he’s researching about which fella in Nigeria should he be send his life savings to “unlock the millions of dollars left behind by some unknown relative” wtf.

Which explains why I’m typing this in the middle of Jason’s at Ion - cause I’m waiting for him to decide which brand of truffle oil we he should get and should it black or white truffle AND should we he get the 30ml or 60ml bottle…

Ok.. gotta switch the yogurt tubs in the basket for a new batch cause they’ve all warmed up from the wait -_-

Art of Mid Autumn by Holiday Inn

Finally I can write about this!

I’ve been wanting to share about these awesome mooncakes since I attended Xin Cuisine’s mooncake & wine pairing party two weeks ago… but it was still the seventh month, and I was told it’s not very respectful to be celebrating the mooncake festival then. I wasn’t so pantang (superstitious) before I got married but now I 嫁鸡随鸡! (literally, marry chicken follow chicken wtf)

Sooooo now that we are officially into the 8th lunar month… LET THE MOONCAKES GALORE BEGIN!


I was very kindly invited to the media tasting of Xin’s Cuisine’s 2014 Mid Autumn collection & wine pairing party at Holiday Inn Atrium hotel :)


I loveeeeee mooncakes… when I was a kid, I was always looking forward to the mid-autumn festival to eat all the snowskin mooncakes I can lay my hands on (and of course, playing with candles and setting all the paper lanterns on fire >.<)

But Holiday Inn took things to a whole new level by pairing their divine mooncakes with WINE! I’m not much of a wine connoisseur so I was glad they had the wonderful folks from AMS over who gave us a tip or two on wine pairing :)





We had so much fun!

Perhaps a little too much fun, because we drank (and drank aannnd drank) so much, I almost couldn’t wake up for an important meeting the next day.


I particularly love Xin Cusine’s traditional mooncakes and have decided to get them this year for the husband’s parents and extended family :)

I love how they’re so rich (you can really taste the lotus paste and not some mere sugary blend) and the yolks were the premium type. 

You know how there’re the cheap salted egg yolks and the premium orangey type? I didn’t know too until my mother-in-law taught me so that I can give my clients quality mooncakes.. and since then, in true Auntie fashion, that’s one of the first things I look out for when I try mooncakes lol.


As for myself, I’m less of a traditionalist and I like the snow-skin variant better :) And my favourite is a tie between the Passionfruit and the Soursop with Chocolate crunch.


Both were so refreshing on the tastebuds and that delightful mix of sweetness and tartness! Mmmm

Their Durian snowskin mooncake’s also very very very tasty (in fact if I may say so, better than a certain hotel that specialises in durian mooncakes - go try it yourself if you don’t believe me!)

And you guys should know by now about my insane obsession with robin egg blue…



This tiffany blue premium box packaging is also available with your mooncake purchases! I can already think of quite a few friends who will want to lay their hands on this.

Xin Cuisine’s mooncakes are available from now till 8 September 2014 at the following locations:

- Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium
- Changi City Point
- Compass Point
- Junction 8
- Jurong Point
- Lot One
- Nex
- Raffles Xchange
- Tampines Mall
- Vivocity
- Westgate  

And of course at Xin Cuisine itself. The recommended wines used in the wine pairing are also available at Xin Cuisine at a great promotional price ;)

Thank you Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium for having me!

I am sooo looking forward to having my girls over for our usual tête-à-tête sessions… this time round with yummy mooncakes and wine ;)

Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant

Level 4, Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium
317 Outram Road Singapore 169075

t: (65) 6731 7173
e: xin.sinhi@ihg.com

An Ideal Husband

Me:: I think if I could choose again, I'd still marry you.

The husband:: I'll still choose Jessica Alba!


oh oh

Was very excitedly trying to put my nut mylk from Beauty Cleanse into my refrigerator when I accidentally knocked over a glass jar.

It landed onto the floor and shattered into a million (fine, I’m exaggerating) pieces. 

Then I realised that this glass bottle contains (or rather, contained -_-) the husband’s yeast (ok this sounds wrong) which he needs for his beer brewing. Tonight.

#thistimediealready :’(

hello world.

I’m actually in the midst of proof-reading a rather important contract when one thing led to another (I’m so easily distracted seriously) and I ended up reading my old blog entries. Not old as in like old old but old as in like before June 2013 kinda old… and I realised I used to be so much more (pardon my lack of a better word) carefree in my entries.

I don’t remember the content exactly, but I remember how I felt every single time I logged onto this space - bursting with updates to share (with I don’t know who was even reading this space). Back then, there was no Instagram (or rather, I wasn’t on my own account and was stealing sharing ClubCouture’s space) and I was too shy to squeal too much on Facebook so I would just log in here every few days just to type whatever’s on my mind.

I never really got onboard the Twitter bandwagon cause it’s too bitchy for me. In fact, I logged in again recently just to take a look and within 2 minutes I got scared of the bitchy world there wtf. 

I would think I was a much better writer then.. not in terms of grammar or vocab, but how liberal I was with sharing my thoughts. In fact, while reading through some of my old entries, I ended up laughing at how funny I was. Super thick skinned lah, I know.

I also remember just logging in and writing away when I was living in Bangkok and there was this one particular incident..  I was sitting in my living room and looking at the rain through those floor-to-ceiling windows that I so, so so loved and I decided to start writing, and the next thing I know, I started questioning about my purpose in life - absolute quarter life crisis I tell you - and I ended up staying at the spot everyday for a week, playing Chage & Aska’s Say Yes on loop from morning to night and crying away wtf.


Found this photo from Nui's instagram…


And this too. Oh how I miss waking up to this every morning.

I feel a little sad that my memory’s starting to fail me lately.. I’m starting to not remember much of my life in Bangkok. Everything has since blended into one blurry mess.. I remember the weed parties, going down to dabao the pratunam wanton mee for dinner almost everyday, the impromptu escapades to Koh Samet and the overnight bus ride there..


Koh Samet, 2009

… and eating the pratunam chicken rice every other day when I wasn’t having wanton mee before it became a hipster establishment to Singaporeans. And of course how disgusted I was at the Singaporean tourists in Bangkok and often had to explain that “No no no no, not all Singaporeans are like that.”

Life was so much simpler and happier then.

Spoken like a true wise, older, woman who has since seen 5 years of responsibility, hypocrisy and the rest of the big, bad world out there wtf.

Ending this post abruptly to get back to my document before it’s too late.

Happy weekend loves! x



I’m SO excited about this post!!!

You may already know that I’m a huge Hello Kitty fan.. my toiletries bags/ coin pouch/ hair ties/ dental floss are all Hello Kitty.. I use HK toilet paper.. can’t go to the supermarket without coming home with some HK hand wash / candy / FAN or some other random thing.. even the boy proposed to me with Hello Kitty wtf.

So when Ethereal Chic told me they were sending some Hello Kitty goodies my way, I was super duper excited!



These are Hello kitty OREO POPS and can be personalised - perfect for parties, open houses, weddings, goodie bags etc!


This was the mockup they sent me… CUTE OR NOT you tell me lah!!!!




Shades & Cardi are from ClubCouture by the way :)

They use 100% real oreos (not some chiong brand) so you can be assured of the taste! The Hello Kitty motif on the cookies is made of icing and tastes pretty good together with the oreo!

Besides for these, Ethereal Chic also does chocolate chip cookies, jelly lollies and my ABSOLUTE favourite…


AGAR AGAR cake!!

Rainbow cake some more!!! 

I don’t know about you… but as I get older, I find it increasingly hard to finish an entire cake when me and my friends celebrate our birthdays. This agar agar cake is perfect cause it’s not so jelak (“rich”) and my friends love it when we have it for dinner parties. 


The cake also comes with a cartoon of your choice (but for me of course it HAS to be Hello Kitty.. and this one is of Fatbear & Me hehehe).

It looks super pretty when cut up cause of the rainbow cross section :)

Even if there’s no birthday coming up, I wouldn’t mind ordering this agar agar again because it’s really super duper yummy. One of the best (if not the best!) agar agars around and I think it makes a great light everyday dessert :)


Even my mother-in-law who’s not into sweet stuff and desserts loved it and couldn’t wait to finish it all! (The entire Go family was fighting for a piece of it lah!)


They have lots of exciting stuff other than Hello Kitty! I saw Disney princesses, Sesame Street, Winnie the Pooh, Strawberry Shortcake and of course FROZEN and many many others on their Facebook page

The prices are very affordable too:

- 1” edible image on chocolate chip cookies, $1 each, minimum 48pcs

- 1.5” edible image on Oreo cookies, $1.50 each, minimum 24pcs

- 2” edible image on chocolate chip cookies, $2 each, minimum 15pcs

- 1.5” edible image on Oreo cookies (lollipops), $1.80 each, minimum 24pcs

- 2” edible image on chocolate cupcakes, $70 for a box of 25pcs

- 6” edible image on 7” agar agar cake, $45 

- 7” edible image on 8” agar agar cake, $55 

- Customized jellies are available at 60pcs for $25 with any orders of cookies.

This is inclusive of personalisations :)

Mention FLORA ISABELLE to get 15% off!

SURE to bring a smile to any kid’s face…


BIG KIDS included! 

I saw cookies with Chanel, Prada, Hermes etc logos on their Facebook page too!

Can’t wait to try out more and share! :)

Ethereal Chic


Tel: +65 8118 2840



This was us in 2012 at one of our monthly Capella sleepovers.

I remember this photo was taken when I was first introduced to Revenge the TV show and we spent the entire weekend catching it. 

Fast forward two years… 


Same same, but different.

Oh how our lives have changed in between these sleepovers - break ups (and make ups for some of us), career changes, moving across continents and marriage (actually only me zzz, but one more to come!!) amongst so many other life-defining changes. 

They have also all stopped watching Revenge except for me the #1 ardent fan wtf.  

So yes, boys (and TV series) come and go, but girlfriends are forever :)



This Floral Kimono that I’ve been wearing to death is now available for sale! Email care@clubcouture.cc to order/ for more pics :)


It’s US$29 with free shipping worldwide but friends get it at S$29! If you can see this here, it means you’re a friend lah!!

Flora:: Because according to our calculations, it will cost at least SGD $340,000 to raise one child in Singapore from infancy to 21 years of age. This figure accounts for the medical fees incurred during pregnancy and delivery, infant care, childcare, enrichment activities, education costs from preschool to university level, basic food and shopping (not including inflation).

Flora:: Our calculation also does not take into account domestic help, rent, furniture and medical treatment for your children. That can easily add an additional $200,000 per child.

Bryant:: Amen

Bryant:: I have a pet rabbit better

Flora:: hahahahahaah I ALSO SAY

Flora:: i think plant better lah

Flora:: less maintenance

Bryant:: Cactus lor best

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